Image of RZN by RB “Balance Me” healing bracelet

RZN by RB “Balance Me” healing bracelet

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Attaining balance is the key to healing and solidarity. "Balance Me" heightens the power of a protective shield from any out sourced energies .

Each handmade bracelet includes “Black Obsidian” which works as a protective shield that adsorbs negative energy from ones surroundings and reflects a cleansing aura to the wearer. “White Howlite” incorporates a balanced effect of light source energy, allowing the wearer to feel peace and calmness. “Lapis Lazuli” enhances self expression, confidence, inner beauty and protection of emotions.

Balance | Abundance | Protection from Negative Energy | Calming Energy | Self Confidence

*100 % handmade
*Genuine crystal gemstones
*Handmade vegan leather tag
*Double tied cord for long lasting durability

Genuine White Howlite
Genuine Black Obsidian
Genuine Lapis Lazuli
Quality clear stretch cord

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