RZN by RB "I AM" healing bracelet

RZN by RB "I AM" healing bracelet
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"I AM" reflects the higher power of ones true self.
Through the journey of life and lessons, it is important to adapt the positive aspect of higher perspective, wisdom and intuition. “Amethyst” crystals allows the user to feel relieved from strain of aggressive energy and compression of ones purpose, enhancing the power of one’s spiritual enlightenment.

This handmade braclet includes “Black Obsidian” which works as a protective shield that adsorbs negative energy from ones surroundings and reflects a cleansing aura to the wearer.
“White Howlite” crystal helps to amplify the projection of healing and calming energy, excluding outside sources of toxicity.

Protection of Intuition | Enlightenment | Balance | Protection from Negative Energy | Calming Energy

*100 % handmade
*Genuine crystal gemstones
*Handmade vegan leather tag
*Double tied cord for long lasting durability

Genuine Amethyst
Genuine Black Obsidian
Genuine White Howlite Crystals
Quality clear stretch cord