Image of RZN by RB “ Golden Vitality “ healing bracelt set

RZN by RB “ Golden Vitality “ healing bracelt set

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Having a connection to earth is very valuable, especially when living a busy life or surrounded by negative energies. "Golden Vitality" enhances deeper connectivity to attain an earthly, grounded energy within self.
This handmade bracelet set includes two special pieces consisting of "Red Agate" which harmonizes the heart, body, mind and soul with an inner rooted energy. “ Tiger Eye “ also known as “ Tigers Eye “ promotes strength, mental clarity and protection from evil eye. “Black Obsidian” works as a protective shield that adsorbs negative energy from ones surroundings and reflects a cleansing aura to the wearer. “White Howlite” helps to amplify the projection of healing and calming energy, excluding outside sources of toxicity.

Grounded Energy | Enlightenment | Mental Clarity | Inner Strength | Evil Eye Protection

*100 % handmade bracelets
*Handmade vegan leather tag
*Genuine crystal gemstones
*Double tied cord for long lasting durability

Genuine Red Agate
Genuine Black Obsidian Crystals
Genuine White Howlite Crystals
Quality clear stretch cord

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