RZN by Radesha B.

What is RZN by RB?

RZN by RB is a mindful community that generates positive motives towards resourceful and pragmatic objectives. Sharing positive values through multi dimensional departments of fashion, art, media and wellness care. 

"RZN" originates from the word "RISEN" (Ri.zen). The founder Radesha B implemented a street influenced term that replicates the energy of being "RZN like the sun".

Who is Radesha B? 

Radesha B  is a conscious, multi media artist, sustainable designer, wellness advocate and aspiring film director on a mission to break chains and cycles within her demographic bracket. As a Boston native and Caribbean descendent of the island of Trinidad and Tobago. RB grew up with love and appreciation for her roots and culture, all while enduring the oppression and interchangeable realities of her environments..becoming the exact fuel needed to curate RZN by RB!

Check out the RZN Foundation to see how Radesha B has founded objectives to positively impact and give back to inner communities!